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GWR Windmills & Water Well Service offers comprehensive well services by trained professionals. Located in Santa Fe, Texas, we service Santa Fe, Alvin, Manvel and all surrounding areas. Being a locally owned and operated business, we will arrive in the shortest time possible, keeping costs low and turnaround times at a minimum. Contact us today for affordable, dependable service.

A Personal Note from the Owner

My first experience with windmills was in 1995 when I was attending Sul Ross State University in Alpine Texas. The only work to be found in those days was day working on ranches, and that was hard to find. One day my English professor was asking if anyone needed a job day working for her husband on their ranch. That Friday I loaded up with a couple of greenhorns and headed to the ranch in Iraan, Texas. That Friday, I met Lowell. He was a 3rd generation sheep rancher that believed in doing things the old way. Lowell talked to us, explained our job description, then told us our wages would be $ 45.00 per day. In West Texas in 1995, that was good money believe it or not. 13 hours the first day, 15 hours the second day. To this day working sheep has got to be the hardest job I have ever done.  

Every morning Lowell would pick the horse you were riding and we set out on 4 sections. For those of you that don't know 1 section is 640 acres.

We had strict instructions not to leave any sheep behind and make sure all the windmills were pumping water. After notching, vaccinating, cutting sheep they went to the shearing crew. By this time it would be 8 to 9 pm. We would eat dinner and Lowell would ask about the windmills. No one wanted to tell him that the windmill in the big trap or the bar ditch trap, was not pumping but we had to. After dinner we would load up in an old dodge pickup that Lowell had converted to run off of propane. In those days propane was cheap. We would fill our tires on the truck at the ranch with propane if we got a flat (real smart). We would fix windmills with baling wire, duct tape or whatever we could use to rig them back together. Have you ever climbed a 40-foot tower at 10:00 pm after being horseback all day? Not very fun. This is where I started to hate windmills. Fifteen years after I left Alpine and the ranch in Iraan, I bought a piece of property for myself. I began my search for the thing that I hated the most 15 years earlier: an Aermotor Windmill.

I soon located a 1937 X 702. I began the restoration the hard way. After a busted case and bloody knuckles I knew I needed help. I found a man that would later become a very good friend and a mentor to me. John Eversole had been working on windmills since he was a kid. He had learned from his father. The bad part was that he lived out of state now and was not local. John would come by when he would come to town and basically taught me everything that I know today about the Aermotor windmill.

After I got a new case for my first mill and stood the tower, I told John I need a bigger windmill. Well the rest is history. I have since replaced my 6 ft mill with a 10 foot mill and cannot count how many mills I have worked on since then. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t call John to discuss a mill or the latest purchase of the next mill. If you have a 702 or a 602 mill I am quite sure between John or myself, I can help you out. I can now offer you a new windmill now that the great folks in San Angelo at Aermotor have set me up as an authorized dealer.

Each windmill tells its own story and is a piece of American History. Whether it's bullet holes or the bent or broken sails, The Aermotor Windmill has survived it all. When I tell you that the Aermotor tells you a story, I am not kidding. I recently found a B 702 for sale. I was loading it up and looked down and saw "Carmine HDW. Carmine Texas" stenciled on the mill. It immediately caught my attention. My great grandfather owned Carmine hardware and come to find out, he sold a lot of Aermotor windmills out of his little store in a town with a population of 228 people. Long story short, my father told me that that mill is not going to leave the family again. I guess I lost money on that one. GWR Windmills is your top option for professional, knowledgeable service regarding windmills and water well repair. We sell and repair windmills as well as repair water wells, in Santa Fe, TX.

-Thumper Riske

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